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Does your company have a digital product underperforming? By understanding your users, using heuristic evaluation and benchmarking we can identify design opportunities that can bring added value to your product.


Through conceptualization and exploration the new ideas can be put into practice at an early stage of the development process. This will allow us to identify potential solutions to your product's user experience pain points.

User Testing

A thorough User Test is designed in order to gather qualitative and quantitative data. The hypoteses are validated using Focus Groups, Interviews, A/B Testing, Card Sorting, Eyetracking and other techniques, to be later processed and understood.

EF Parents

Education First · Shanghai

EF Parents is the product that EF Education, the world's largest private education company, put to the service of parents in order to keep them informed of what their children do in class. It allows parents to be up to date with the attendance and the latest news from the school.

Through focus groups, surveys and interviews a clear group of data was generated as part of the product enhancement stage. Based upon these observations became clear that the objective was to improve the way parents visualized data, making it easier to access the areas that most interested them.

EF Progress Report

Education First · Shanghai

EF Education introduced the Progress Report as a tool to further help parents understand the performance of their children in the classroom.

As part of a team effort between teachers, academics, PMs and UX Designers; the report looked consistent among courses that targeted different age groups.

The content was hierarchically prioritized and the additional functions like - report printing, archive or multiuser support - were made clearly accessible. This effort brought immediate benefit to the end user.

EF Small Stars iPad App

Education First · Shanghai

Through different market studies EF Education, the world's largest private education company, designed and developed a complementary app for the Small Stars english course.

Different app templates targeted different cognitive skills defined by the academic team members. The motivational framework to keep students engaged, intuitive and easy to use template layouts and optimized user journeys were designed using the specified requirements.

The result was a powerful and simple tool that helped 3 to 6 years old students learn English in a fun and engaging way.

EF Small Stars Interactive Whiteboard

Education First · Shanghai

In order to improve teaching quality, EF Education centers were equipped with Interactive Whiteboards. The IWBs come with an all-purpose software and are used by teachers to practice vocabulary.

A tailored solution was designed to further improve the students experience and the class dynamics. Not only factors such as user flow but specific exercise templates that had in consideration height restrains were designed to be used by children. So the teacher would have total control over the progress of the activity but the student would only be able to access the activity answers.

EF Marketing Website

Education First · Shanghai

The EF marketing website is the public face of EF Education in internet. It receives thousands of entries from organic search results and it is the reference point of many students of different age groups and backgrounds.

The design challenge that had to be addressed was tightly related to SEO. Users deep-linking from search engines to non-product specific pages had to be taken to the right English course.

I got the requirements from the Marketing Director and lead a team of designers through the conceptualizing process.

BA Frequent Destinations

British Airways · London

British Airways is a full service global airline offering destinations around the world.

As part of a global campaign, British Airways wanted to promote their most popular destinations by enhancing SEO, usability and content structure. Making it easier for the user to find relevant information and therefore having the potential to convert them into customers.

Once the requirements had been analysed with the client, a full UX package was delivered including wireframes, sitemaps, interaction patterns, definition of personas and the design of new components.

IPEX Touchscreen

Canon · London

Canon is a world leader in imaging products and solutions for the digital home and office. For the IPEX Exhibition in Birmingham they required the design of a touchscreen application to help promote their services and products in an engaging way.

The design challenge that had to be addressed was tightly related to SEO. Users deep-linking from search engines to non-product specific pages had to be taken to the right English course.

A full IA package was delivered following interaction & gesture design guidelines, including wireframes, definition of targets and their behaviour, interaction patterns and content structure ensuring a great touch user experience.

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In addition to helping companies optimize their digital products through UX best practices, I do seminars and courses for professionals and students in the digital industry.